no writing

No recording, scripting, or programming

Say goodbye to recording, playback, and scripting.
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  • API-client calls selected via dropdown.
  • Run time data sources selected via dropdown.
  • Pass data from call to call.
  • Bring in external run-time data.
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Very, very high throughput

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  • Current high-water mark 2,000,000 API calls per second
  • Works just as well at 1 API call per second.
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Load testing process aware

Knows nearly as much about load testing as you do. Learn More »

  • Supports the entire load testing process.
  • Allows definition and reuse of load testing resources.
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Mobile application ready

Test performance of mobile-supporting servers Learn More »

  • Test server performance for mobile apps.

Cloud capable

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  • Run in Amazon Web Services cloud or on in-house machines.
  • Store results in-house or in the cloud.

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